Hiring Outsourcers To Automate Your Business And Get Your Life Back


How can you make more money, and free up your time?


That’s where outsourcing comes in.


Within a few months of starting my Internet business I was receiving more than 500 emails a day. So I hired a virtual assistant from the Philippines, to help me run my Internet business and take care of my overflowing inbox.


I went to the OnlineJobs.ph website (http://OnlineJobs.ph) and I posted an ad. Within hours I started receiving CVs and within a week I had found the perfect virtual assistant.


Her job description included:

  •  Customer Service & email management

  •  Database management: creating & updating my databases

  •  Event Management: booking venue, finding crew, logistics and AV, etc.

  •  Financial Management: preparing monthly sales & expenses reports, paying suppliers via Paypal, etc.

  •  Travel arrangements: Booking flights, hotels, taxis, transport, holidays, arranging luxury skiing retreats for me and my high-end clients, etc.

  •  Marketing: transcriptions of interviews, updating eBay listings, researching potential joint venture partners and affiliates, etc.


At a cost of just $500 a month, this freed up about 70% of my time – I no longer had to spend hours each day replying to emails. It felt amazing!


I then hired a second outsourcer, for $250 a month, to manage my social media and marketing campaigns. His tasks include:


  •  Managing my Facebook account

  •  Managing my Facebook Pages

  •  Inviting my subscribers to join me on Facebook

  •  Getting more fans for my Facebook Pages

  •  Managing my YouTube account

  •  Managing my LinkedIn accounts

  •  Managing my Twitter accounts

  •  Updating my blog

  •  Emailing my list of subscribers with updates

  •  Updating my membership sites with new content

  •  Buying gigs on Fiverr.com

  •  Managing my Facebook Ads campaigns

  •  Organizing Facebook Events to promote my webinars and seminars

  •  Using Socialoomph.com and TweetAdder to automate social marketing

  •  Using SocialMarker.com to spread our links and videos to 50 of the best social bookmarking sites in under 15 minutes

  •  Joining Internet marketing related groups and pages on Facebook, to post comments on their walls and/or to find potential joint venture partners.


This ensures that I get a constant stream of traffic to my websites and new prospects joining my mailing list every day.


I also hired a third outsourcer, a web designer from Hungary. For $15 an hour, I could get any kind of website or web page set up quickly and efficiently.


With my business running on autopilot, my websites selling my products and 60,000 to 90,000 visitors a month coming to my sites, I was free to focus on the areas that I enjoyed the most and where I could produce the most value: creating new products, writing, and speaking.


“I spend $5,000 a month on outsourcers, and they bring in $15,000 to $20,000 a month in revenue.”


Jeff Mills of www.outsourcedtv.com spoke at my Traffic Generation Summit recently. He explains: “I currently contract 10 outsourcers, who mostly work full time, at a labor cost of $5,000 per month. What is great about this is that I get a 300% to 400% monthly ROI. I spend $5,000 but these outsourcers bring in $15,000 to $20,000 a month in revenue. Imagine having 400 hours per week of labor time being dedicated to your company. This is the output I get with 10 outsourcers!”


Jeff Mills live at The Traffic Generation Summit


Here is a list of what his outsourcers do for him:


1.                 Build niche Wordpress websites that sell affiliate products

2.                 Write and ‘spin’ articles

3.                 Submit articles to hundreds of article directories

4.                 Write press releases and submit them to directories

5.                 Make videos and submit them to video sites like YouTube

6.                 Social Media marketing and engagement, using automation tools

7.                 Contacting potential Joint Venture partners for ‘Webinar swaps’

8.                 Graphic Design and custom templates for my websites

9.                 Answer phones, sell my services, and offer customer support.


(To get the DVDs of The Traffic Generation Summit click here)



“My Filipino workers earn me $18,000 to $22,000 per month and I play golf every day!”


John Jonas of www.replacemyself.com is another laptop entrepreneur whose life was changed thanks to outsourcing.


Virtual Assistants can become your secret weapon”, John explained on stage at my SpeedCash Seminar. “Hiring full-time people in the Philippines for around $250/month (40 hours per week) will change any entrepreneur’s chance of success. I hired my first outsourcer in the Philippines, after a friend recommend I do so. 5 years later I've made over 5.1 million dollars directly from work my Filipino workers do for me. I play golf every day while things still get done in my business. I have a business that one of my Filipino workers built for me that makes me between $18,000 - $22,000 per month!”


John Jonas live at The SpeedCash Seminar

Check out John Jonas’s Quick Start Guide to Philippines Outsourcing here: http://www.replacemyself.com/QuickStartGuide 

These are the ‘Top 7 ROI Activities’ that John’s virtual assistants do for him, to grow his traffic sources and therefore grow his online business:

1.     Article Directory Submission

2.     Forum Posting

3.     Blog Commenting

4.     Video Marketing

5.     Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SocialMarker, Digg, etc.)

6.     Blogging

7.     Directory Submission


(To get the DVDs of The SpeedCash Seminar click here)


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