Millionaire Bootcamp For Women DVD's

A 3-day event designed exclusively for women, find out exactly how some of the most inspirational and successful women on the planet got to where they are today… these women reveal everything you need to succeed including how to build a seven figure business and take care of the family!

Watch, listen and learn from…

Tracy Repchuk

-How to create recurring riches for life using the Internet

-Proven methods to create a hurricane of traffic on autopilot

Jennifer Hough

-3 tools that will put you in your personal Miracle Zone

-The keys to creating personal abundance independant of the world economy

Heather Seitz

-How to generate a 7-figure income part-time with minimal effort

-How to create your own products and service in under 60 minutes

Lynda Dyer

-How you can start your own 'Secret' freedom-creating business

-Do what you're already good at and get paid for it

Gill Fielding

-How women can make themselves and their families financially free forever

-A simple strategy to make your children millionaires

Leili McKinley

-Using Social Media to create an iconic brand

-How to get on the 1st page of Google within 48 hours

Jennie Armato

-Creating multiple streams of income on the Internet working from home

-How to sky-rocket your web sales

Dr Joanna Martin

-Creating more freedom in your business than you ever thought imaginable

-Live the lifestyle of the rich far sooner than you thought

Maria Davis

-Creating a powerful and profitable brand for yourself and your business

-How to effortlessly allow customers to come to you

Naomi Sesay

-How to tap into the 5 keys to phenomenal wealth

-3 simple steps to upgrade your wealth potential