The Total Self-Confidence Seminar DVD's

Discover how you can transform your life and your fortune by developing unshakable, complete and total self-confidence in your ability to achieve everything you desire

You will discover:

The Importance of Total Self-Confidence

The Origins Of Low Self-Esteem

The Road To Total Self-Confidence

Accepting Responsibility For Your Life Is The First Step To Taking Control

Know Your Outcome & Focus Only On What You Want

The ACTION Principle of Self-Confidence

How To Program Your Mind With Empowering Beliefs

The Gratitude Key

How To Break Through Your Comfort Zones

How To Break Through Any Problem or Challenge

The 'Peer Group' Solution

Nurturing & Taking Care of Your Self

How To Adopt Patterns of Confidence

How To Create a 'Confidence Anchor' and Feel Unstoppable!

How To Discover & Live Your Purpose

The Meaning Of Life